The GivingForum

A platform for pioneers in CSR

The GivingForum was launched to bring pioneering individuals in CSR together to share best-practice. The gathering is an intimate, open and interactive opportunity to discuss important topics in-depth.

By facilitating a new opportunity to meet and talk, the GivingForum aims to grow the dialogue on how business can redefine success for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and giving.

What format does the event take?


We invite up to 50 CSR professionals to be a part of each forum. We split you into smaller tables, ensuring a mixture of corporations and industries but a similar level of seniority are together.

Our topic for discussion changes at each forum and we invite a speaker who is an insight leader on the topic to open our discussion, before tables break off to discuss in-depth.

Although discussions could take a life of their own, we like to suggest questions which tables discuss then feedback to the room with their answers – we want to create a collaborative and modern approach. We leave time at the end for your own networking, when you can hopefully make some useful connections! We produce a summary of discussions just so you remember what was discussed, but are careful to ensure everyone understands we take ‘Chatham house’ rules seriously and don’t disclose names to anyone outside of the room.

What happened last time?


Date: 13th September 2016, 4pm – 7pm

Location: EY, 1 More London

Topic: Going for Gold in CSR – the gold standard of leadership

Speakers: EY’s Head of CSR Beth Knight; Rachel Quinn of Barclays Citizenship; Isabel Kelly, Founder and Principal Consultant at Profit with Purpose

Our second GivingForum was kindly hosted by EY, where we gathered senior Corporate Responsibility professionals to discuss how to reach that gold standard of leadership in the field. Topics such as ‘Sustainability Leadership Competencies’, ‘Creating Leading Teams’ and ‘Responsible Employee Behaviour’ were addressed. The wealth of expertise in the room was  reflected in the sheer productivity of discussions and we reached the conclusion that CSR must continue to be promoted as it is now the time to make business work for society.


How to attend next time?


You can register your interest to attend the next GivingForum by clicking here and entering your name, email and company.

We will review your registration and let you know if you have been successfully added to our guest list.

We’re always keen to hear recommendations of other colleagues or individuals who you think might like to attend, please just ask them to register.

Alternatively please do get in touch with any other suggestions or questions.