Case Study

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) needed a global solution that would improve employee take-up and morale and not increase costs. They had found their existing systems fragmented, difficult to use, inefficient and, importantly, extremely limited in reporting options.

Issues to be resolved
RBS used two different platforms. Matching and payroll giving were provided by a third party supplier and volunteering was promoted over the company intranet.

Employees found it very difficult to keep track of their payroll giving instructions and matching requests. They often could not tell what might be deducted from their next pay cheque and were unsure of who to contact when they wished to cancel, change, or set up a new payment.

There was no database of volunteering opportunities and no way for employees to sign up automatically. Further, any new updates to volunteering opportunities required a new support request. As a result, the volunteering programme was often bypassed by employees, instead going to directly to charities to book opportunities. Reporting and monitoring were nearly impossible.

They also wished to expand upon the functionality they currently employed to include targeted time-limited campaigns which supported existing promotional material.

Action taken
GivingForce ran multiple workshops with key stakeholders representing different users and differing needs to determine the best configuration option. We also actively took on board any functionality suggestions which we felt would both improve the product and help us cater to the specific needs of RBS. Based on these findings, we configured the portal to not only match but obviously improve upon the existing RBS workflows.

RBS were keen to fully automate as many of the systems as possible, from the synchronisation of constantly changing employee data to integrating with existing backend payroll systems and third party suppliers. A process was established and after initial setup, nearly everything was set up to run automatically.

The results
The greatest single improvement was the marked reduction in support queries – gradually diminishing to only a few a month. Employees found that they could do everything themselves and administrators could work with the rich administrative tools to handle anything that required human intervention such as confirming proof and entering volunteering opportunities. RBS has been very happy with the product and have over 11,000 active users.

In their own words:

“Implementing the GivingForce Portal gave us the opportunity to make a significant improvement to our community engagement programme. GivingForce empowered all our employees to become better engaged by allowing them to manage all their community activity from one location . There was a noticeable reduction in the number of programme information requests and a definite increase in employee activity.”

“These were just some of the obvious and direct benefits of using GivingForce, but there were many more that demonstrate their maturity in delivering what clients need. The GivingForce team have an in-depth understanding of the sector and a great deal of technical knowledge, and they are great to work with. You really feel that you are working in partnership and collaborating on product development with their team.”

David Salthouse
Community Investment Programme Manager, Group Sustainability, RBS