Service & Integration

We pride ourselves on our service levels

  • Available everywhere 24/7 with nothing to install.
  • One solution that adapts to fit all your employees worldwide.
  • A team of people on hand to support you including your own account manager.
  • Benefit from our knowledge of best practises based on 14 years of working with multi-national customers.
  • Have confidence in a rigorously tested and secure platform.
  • Integrated with your internal systems including login using SSO (Single Sign On) where available.
  • Works with your internal finance systems, Payroll Giving Agencies (UK customers) and other external payment providers.

Detailed Reports

Discover insights into how your programmes are performing.

  • Real-time and historical analysis of visitors to your site
  • See a breakdown of activity based on different views of your business.
  • Powerful business intelligence module for analysis of your data.
  • Export your data for further analysis outside of GivingForce.
  • Save point-in-time snapshots of your report data.
  • A suite of standard/canned reports.
  • Create, share and schedule reports.
  • Audit trail of actions and emails.

A Better Experience

Simple, intuitive and all in one place.

  • Employees can see all of their activities, current and historical, in one place. Outstanding actions are highlighted so employees know where to go and what to do.
  • Keep everyone updated with configurable email notifications to employees, line managers and other stakeholders.
  • Well defined, easy to use workflows for each programme.
  • Employees can upload/attach documents to support applications.
  • Making it more social such as allowing employees to see who else is volunteering.
  • Context sensitive guidance for all.
  • Automatically benefit from continuous improvement.

Reduce Overheads Dramatically

We make employee giving as self service as possible.

  • Reduce your administration time and costs – do more with less.
  • We use your rules to monitor and keep things under control.
  • Manage by exception.
  • Email notifications to administrators when actions are needed.
  • Compliance module ensures any high-risk activities are highlighted and reviewed.
  • Simple step-by-step wizards to manage the more involved administrative tasks.
  • A self-service content management system.
  • Promote campaigns, appeals and other activities using banners.

Reputation Risk Management

Services and tools to minimise risk to your reputation.

  • Know the charities you support.
  • Benefit from a sophisticated charity catalogue providing access to thousands of pre-vetted charitable organisations.
  • Maintain your own private charity/organisation catalogue for notable organisations you support.
  • All new organisations will be vetted before any application is allowed to proceed.
  • Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABC) checks.
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks.
  • Bespoke processes available through professional services.


We support diversity with many levels of configuration

  • Customise the look and feel of the site to reflect your brand.
  • You decide whether to run the same programme worldwide OR run a number of tailored programmes.
  • You decide how to segment/view your business.
  • Manage your programmes both centrally and/or locally
  • Local administrators can be given restricted access to data and features.
  • Sophisticated rules engine to apply finely tuned programme rules and limits.
  • It’s as self-service as you want it but our professional services team are here to help if you need them.