The latest GivingForum event was held on the 21th May 2018, where senior Corporate Responsibility professionals gathered at RBS – Bishopsgate, to discuss ideas about gamification and its possible significance to CSR and CSR strategy.

The event began with opening remarks from Michael Duncan (RBS) and a presentation from Caroline Edwards (RBS) on the way RBS’ MoneySense programme in schools has taught children and young people about valuable information regarding their finances and how to handle them effectively for their future. They also presented alarming findings and statistics in regards to the percentage of adults in the UK that do not know how to manage their finances and are in serious debt because of it, as well as numbers portraying how useful students found the workshops on financial management.

Following this opening, a presentation was delivered by Jude Ower – Founder and CEO of PlayMob – about how her organisation has used gaming and gamification to enhance philanthropic giving and engage users of many different ages and backgrounds to raise awareness and promote positive behaviours through creative and fun ways. 

Jude opened the discussion by posing a question to the room, about whether gamifying techniques have been incorporated in CSR strategies – and if not, why not.

The second presentation was delivered by Capgemini’s Annie Hughes, who put to the room Capgemini’s Move50 campaign. Annie disclosed how the campaign was successful through use of gamified techniques and how this caused something of a chain-reaction amongst the employees to, essentially, “move”. Issues such as whether or not socialising had a key role to play in these developments were discussed, as well as whether such a large target could have been achieved if the campaign wasn’t so driven by fitness and activity.

The event concluded with an informal networking session – including drinks and canapés provided by RBS. Guests and speakers were invited to continue the conversation and make connections with others leading the way in CSR.

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